Monday, March 31, 2008

The Hannaford's Savings Plan

Is when you do your grocery shopping at Hannaford's because it is a little cheaper than Shaws
But at some point Hannaford's security is breached

So In March you discover hackers have been stealing shoppers' credit card numbers

For the past 3 months

So you call the bank where the (slightly cranky) customer service rep tells you that your atm/debit card number has been compromised

Sadly she can't describe what that means

So you cancel your atm/debit card and commit to looking at your account statements with a fine tooth comb*

Then you call the credit card company

A (polite) customer service rep tells you that your number may have been taken

But you have zero liability for fraudulent purchases and their computers are monitoring the situation extra closely

At this point you are skeptical of computers

Or at least the people who interpret their data

After all it took Hannaford's 3 months to detect the hackers in the system

So on a paranoid whim you cancel your credit card too

Which leaves you with no atm/debit card and no credit card for 5-7 business days

And of course no cash in your pocket

An effective way to limit impulse purchases

The only disadvantage is that this savings plan is short-term

As you imagine your savings account growing due to decreased spending

You may fantasize that this frugalness will continue

When it is no longer forced

In the end though

The second the plastic returns, your Hannaford's savings plan will evaporate.

*mixed metaphors are a symptom of flusteredness, and by golly you are flustered right now.


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