Sunday, February 3, 2008

Latte Math

Seattle WA: pop 572,600. Number of Starbucks: 27

Chittenden County
, VT
: pop 150,069 Number of Starbucks: 4.

They may have more Starbucks stores per-capita, but I am quite sure that this corner of VT has more Starbucks per starbuck- drinking-capita. Take that Seattle!


Pixel said...

We only have 27 Starbucks? I would have guessed more, considering I can stand in one spot and see three stores at once. And they're usually all crowded; maybe they should add a fourth.

cantdance said...

seems low, but its true, at least according to

another way to look at it: 27 doesn't include the franchises--- kiosks in stores/airports are generally franchises--- or Seattle's best, which is owned by sbux. So really, there are a whole lot more.

Pixel said...

Good point. Unfortunately, the franchises don't make coffee as well as the real Sbux.